All Colors Are Beatiful

På vegne av en kompis legger jeg ut denne saken, slik at han kan lenke til den på Facebook 🙂

Football against homophobia

On July 29th 2010 Vålerenga (Oslo, Norway) met F.C Barcelona in a friendly match on their home ground Ullevål. During the game some of the home supporters (Klanen) held up a two pin flag with the letters “A.C.A.B” on, causing a serious police reaction with threats to walk into the supporter crowds and seize this tiny flag. After arguing with the police for a while, the fans reluctantly agreed to put the flag down. However, they were still wondering why the police saw it necessary to intervene in this matter when it was in fact a friendly.
Because of the actions this day, the fans later asked for a meeting with the police. They wanted to clarify which rules should apply to the fans during football matches, to avoid conflicts with the police in the future.
According to one of the police men, raising this two pin flag was a serious offence. He means that this use of the letters “A.C.A.B” is the first step on the way to becoming a Neo-Nazi and violent organization. In the eyes of the fans this was just another example of common lack of understanding. The fans agreed to not use the banner again but they also told the police that they didn’t like what they saw as censorship and that it offended their freedom of speech.
Klanen is famous for their work against racism and this was an excellent chance to take a stand against homophobia and to show that you never can control or censor fans. So when Vålerenga played against LSK in the premiership a banner with the letters “A.C.A.B-All Colors Are Beautiful” was hanging inside the arena. The banner was in the colors of the “gay-pride” flag with black letters.
This was done to show all people involved in football that even dough fans may act stupid from time to time they also can take a stand in difficult issues. Often authorities complain about action from fans but it looks like they don’t understand how fans are saying their opinion. A good example is the incident in France where four fans from Metz was arrested and charged for using a Nazi symbol on the terraces. They had a banner with the letters “Gegen Nazis” and a fist crushing a Svastika symbol.
Hopefully the leaders in football one day see what the fans actually does and maybe try to take stand in difficult issues instead of being silent about it. They may see fans as a resource but actions taken by the police and authorities the last year tells us it’s a long way to go but they may forget one thing: fans love the game and fans never ever give up what so ever.



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